Ordering note:
  You have not placed an order until you have sent payment. You should email me first to check if the items are in stock.
   People have called or emailed in the past and placed custom orders. I have made these items and the person ordering changes their mind leaving me with a custom item that may be hard to sell. I like doing custom work but as a way to eliminate problems I no longer accept custom commissions. I have moved to an in stock system and the prices page will be updated to show only items that I have ready to ship.
  So, email first then send payment by Paypal or by mail (MO) after confirming the total. Then I will  send one from stock.

Shipping Note:
Shipping will be rated based on the flat rate box or bag that the item will fit in, I may ship it another way but it will be either priority mail or first class. The cost difference will help pay for the Paypal fees and for packing materials and gas for the trip to the post office.

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Items not on their  own pages
Film resume
small wallet pattern
Civil War and Military Reproductions
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How to tie a Civil War tie.
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We do not make or sell products for children under 12
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civil war civilian caps
and sleeping caps
military and civilian
carpet bags and  shawl straps
history related non fiction
As spam is getting out of hand, make sure you have a clear subject line in any email so I don't just hit delete.

Civilian caps are in stock with a selection of styles more in the works.
A few enlisted and civilian belts on the belt page.
Be sure to email first and if you pay by Paypal I ship right away.
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