Officer’s Haversacks

These are all painted canvas with leather straps and as normally used on officer’s grade equipment brass buckles. Officer’s were not issued equipment, instead they had to purchase their own. There were military goods dealers in most cities and of course sutlers carried officer’s items in the field and on military posts. Officer’s haversacks were made in a variety of ways as there was no standard nor regulation, each maker made what he thought would sell. Like all haversacks they had utility value after the war and were used up and so today are quite rare. I have had the chance to look at many examples held in private collections and the very few in museums and based these upon design elements of the originals. I don’t copy any one haversack as a cookie cutter reproduction of what might have been the only one made that exact way, it is just as wrong as making one out of an old nylon rucksack. These are based upon over 30 years of collecting, researching and making historical reproductions.

The sizes given are the width across the middle, some are pear shaped so are wider below and more narrow above. Height at the center of the bag and depth at the bottom corner as the gusset is also tapered on some. This is not an exact size but close enough, flap sizes are not given so you have to guess there. The strap has adjustment so it fits most everybody. Most have three inner pockets and two pockets on the front.

Officer's haversacks are designed to be worn on the right hip rather than the left like an enlisted haversack. Enlisted men need to keep their haversack out of the way of their cartridge box, officers need to keep theirs from getting tangled up with their sword. There is of course no correct side it is just custom and preference.

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updated: February 5, 2016
Two front pockets, main pouch,  inside front and inside back pocket.

11 3/4” wide
9 1/2” tall
5” deep at base


OH-39 Sold
Two front pockets, main pouch,  inside front and inside back pocket.

13” wide
10 1/2” tall
4” deep at base

Hi Boyd, just a quick note to let you know that I received the haversack. is even better than I was expecting. Nice work.


Arrived safe and sound. Great product. Thanks again,


    I got home from my holiday travels last night and there was a package waiting for me on my front porch.  I really like both products.  Thanks for the quality items and quick shipping.


This is by far my favorite piece of gear now in  my collection.
Absolutely Beautiful.
I sent an email to several of the other officer I know praising the quality.
Respectfully, a very satisfied customer.

Thanks Mr. Miles, received the haversack today and it's even better than I
expected.      -Mark

I got the haversack this morning, all I can say "GREAT JOB".  It exceeded all my
expectations - the picture does not do it or your work justice.

Thanks again from a very satisfied customer,


Mr. Miles-

Just wanted to let you know that I received the haversack this morning, and it's a beauty.  To be honest, the pictures on your website don't do it justice.


Thank you for the quick service and the great product.


Hello, sir

Just wanted to take a moment to let you know I received my haversack and belt on Friday, and am EXTREMELY pleased with both the quality of your products, as well as your outstanding customer service.  It is becoming more and more rare to find that combination in this day and age.  I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

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